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Beauregarde $14.95 LP

In recent years, a growing number of music collectors have taken an interest in the great lost works of the sixties and seventies. Nearly every city had bands that would hire a record plant to press up a limited run for the bands to sell. These records were rarely distributed outside of the band's home town and usually ended up being sold in local record shops or at live shows. This album is no exception, and in fact, comes from what some may perceive to be the most unlikely of influences: Psychedelic Rock and Professional Wrestling.

The year was 1970, and the Portland-based wrestler Beauregarde was at the height of his career. Known for his loud entrance music, and the even louder three wheeled motorcycle that would carry him into the ring, he was one of the most genuinely intimidating and charismatic wrestlers of the time.

In early 1970, he entered a Portland, OR recording studio with his band and a then unknown seventeen year old guitar player. That seventeen year old would later become punk rock legend and Wipers frontman, Greg Sage. In one afternoon they recorded what would see a limited release as an album, and would be used for Beauregarde's entrance music for the duration of his career.

All lyrics and music were written by Beauregarde and, ironically, never mention wrestling at all. His vocal style is passionate and direct but yet never goes overboard. The music features Hendrix-esque guitar solos over rock rhythms and soul drum beats.

After being highly sought after by collectors, we are proud to release these songs back on the vinyl format. With the help of Beauregarde and Greg Sage, the original master tapes were found and used to re-master this limited vinyl release. This LP serves as an important landmark in the worlds of wrestling, Portland's musical history, and psychedelic rock. We hope that you will come to enjoy and understand
the importance of this album as we do.

Track 1. I Got Something by Jackpot Records