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    "DRUMGASM" LP - (w/MP3) $14.99
    OUT NOW Let's get this out of the way - for the casual listener, the musical window shopper, there is just nothing for you here. This musi... (Click the album for more)
    • $14.99 Vinyl
  • $14.99 on sale!

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Chair Beside a Window $15.95 LP
The grainy, haunted beauty of Jandek’s early work went through many phases, never quite as varied and multi-faceted as the material on his... (Click the album for more)
  • $15.95 Vinyl
  • $7.95 CD


Ready for the house / Six and six / Chair beside a window 3 x album set $30.00
All three of the Jandek albums reissued by Jackpot Records! Ready for the house / Six and Six / Chair beside a window
  • Vinyl out of stock


Six And Six $15.95 LP
Originally released in 1981, following a three year gap between the release of debut LP “Ready For The House”, Jandek’s second album ... (Click the album for more)
  • CD out of stock
  • Vinyl out of stock


Ready for the House $15.95 LP

The 1978 release of Corwood Industries #0739, "Ready For the House", began one of the most compelling, disturbed, and singular legacies in musical history. In the 30 years since this unique debut, Jandek has released 53 albums of mournful, atonal music that continues to defy classification and accessibility. And while the past three decades of intense productivity have yielded a depth of discussion, a handful of legendary live performances and even a film documentary, no amount of time or experience can prepare a listener for the experience of "Ready For the House."

Beyond stark, beyond oblique, beyond outsider even, the first Jandek LP (originally credited to The Units) explores musical territories no one even knew existed, with just a hollowed-out voice and a lonely, detuned guitar. In 1985 it had infamously sold less than ten of the 1000 copies originally pressed, however by 1999, when it was issued on CD, the vinyl had completely disappeared, with original copies changing hands for hundreds of dollars.

This exact repress on Corwood Industries, vinyl edition is the first time "Ready For the House" has been unavailable on vinyl for nearly 20 years, finally giving collectors and fans the opportunity to own one of the most peculiar, solitary, and strangely magnetic records of all time.

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