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    "DRUMGASM" LP - (w/MP3) $14.99
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Cave Rock $15.95 LP

Originally released in 1969, Cromagnon’s “Cave Rock” strings together a patchwork of untamed sounds and mental images which perfectly articulate the boundary-breaking psychedelic revolution that was occurring at the time – musically and socially.

Widely heralded as the best freak-out record of all time, Cromagnon’s “Cave Rock” is a captivating experience that engages the listener. The album surpassed even the most out there psychedelia of its day, predicting what would soon become the disjointed aural landscapes of Faust and the violent scuzz of Throbbing Gristle. Vivid elements of Cromagnon’s influence continues to shine in the lysergic rhythms of the Sun City Girls, Nurse With Wound, Ghost, and Animal Collective.

Track 1. Caledonia by Jackpot Records